Why It's a Smart Idea to Rent a Dump Truck for Your Upcoming Demolition

Will you soon be doing major demolition work at your home or office? If so, you will need to make sure that all of the debris you create once the hammer or wrecking ball starts swinging can be easily disposed of. This might be easier said than done though, especially if you don't have previous experience with safely removing demolished materials. One possible idea that might help would be to consider using a local dump truck service. [Read More]

Getting Overweight Permits And Other Precautions For Your Semi-Truck

When you navigate the road for a living, you'll need to take care of your truck every bit as much as you handle the logistical and legal matters of the job. On top of keeping your truck clean and repaired and lining up routes, you will need to keep up with your license and things like overweight permits. Start getting better at your career by following the tips in this article. [Read More]

Purchase A New Shuttle Bus For The Residents Of An Assisted Living Facility To Be Transported In

As the director of an assisted living facility, it may have come to your attention that the shuttle bus that is used to transport the residents is in need of major repairs. When deciding whether or not to invest a large amount of money into an older bus, you may have begun the prospect of looking into the purchase of a new shuttle bus for sale. With so many types of buses on the market, carefully explore your options, and choose a vehicle type that will work best for your clients' needs. [Read More]

5 Problems A Rented Bus Can Solve On Your Wedding Day

When planning a big wedding, most couples give a lot of thought to the decor and guest list but not a lot of attention to the transportation needs. The right transportation can turn a large wedding into a fun party, while the wrong transportation could turn it into a logistical nightmare. For some couples, the right transportation goes beyond the traditional options of limousines and private car caravans. It might involve a bus rental. [Read More]