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Getting Overweight Permits And Other Precautions For Your Semi-Truck

When you navigate the road for a living, you'll need to take care of your truck every bit as much as you handle the logistical and legal matters of the job. On top of keeping your truck clean and repaired and lining up routes, you will need to keep up with your license and things like overweight permits. Start getting better at your career by following the tips in this article. 

Keep your registration up to date and handle your permits before each trip

Registration is critical for commercial truck drivers. Governing bodies are strict about trucks being properly registered and accounted for. This means that your truck needs to be registered within the state and that information related to things like the operating weight and axles are accurate. Truck weight is related to safety, so authorities are strict about trucks misrepresenting weight or driving with unsafe loads. If you drive a vehicle that is carrying more than the weight limit, you will need to apply for an overweight permit.

Touch base with your jurisdiction to see what kinds of applications and fees are required to get one of these permits. Keep in mind that these permits are only for temporary use and that you have to follow the strict guidelines laid out. These permits typically refer to trucks that are carrying more than 80,000 lbs during a trip. They usually cost you about $10 to $100, depending on how overweight the load is, so make sure that you are prepared to cover any fees. 

Map out the routes with the best logistics and be prepared for every juncture

It's also important that you put together quality routes with alternate navigation, a breakdown of tolls, planned stops at weigh stations and more. In doing this, you can keep your drivers from experiencing unnecessary penalties and can avoid a lot of issues that you might run into. Make sure that everyone in your fleet displays the permits properly and prominently so that you don't get fined for having an overweight load. 

Focus on fleet maintenance so that all of your trucks are taken care of. This means getting oil changes when you need them and putting your semi-truck in the shop for preventative repairs. The better your truck is taken care of, the easier time you will have navigating the road as a truck driver. 

Let these tips help you when you need the right permits and care for your semi-truck. 

To learn more about overweight permits, contact a permitting agency.