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Important Floor Features For A Livestock Trailer

When you begin to shop for a new livestock trailer at a local dealer, there are several areas on which you'll need to focus. While there are lots of things to consider about the interior of the trailer, you should also assess the interior to ensure that it offers a handful of important features for your animals. One particular area on which you should focus is the floor of the trailer. Regardless of what types of animals you'll be carrying, you want to choose a trailer that has a floor that offers these three features.

Non-Slip Surface

It's important for your animals to have a high degree of traction when they're in the trailer. This is critical not only when you're loading them in and out of the trailer, but also when you're driving with the trailer. When you make a turn or hit a bump, you want to be confident that your animals will stay on their feet rather than potentially fall. A trailer that has a non-slip surface on the floor will be important. You'll see many trailers that have a rubbery coating that offers traction for animals' feet. This surface will also be ideal for when you're in the trailer, as you won't be at risk of slipping.


You can always expect that some of the animals in the trailer will relieve themselves while you're transporting them, so it's important to choose a trailer that has a porous floor. Many modern trailers have this feature. The floor is designed to allow urine to seep through it, rather than remain pooled on it. This is important because the interior of the trailer will be less messy for the animals. If an animal decides to lay down while in the trailer, it will do so on a floor that is relatively dry, rather than soaking wet because it's covered in urine.


You should also ensure that the livestock trailer you buy has a floor that is padded to some degree. Hard floors can be uncomfortable for an animal's knee joints, especially during a long ride. Padded floors, such as those that are made of thick rubber, will absorb impacts and help to give comfort to your animals. This is especially important for large, heavy animals, but every animal will benefit from this flooring feature. To learn more about these and other features that you want your livestock trailer's floor to offer, visit a trailer dealership.