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Bring On The Big Rig: How To Find A Trucking Job You Love

When it comes to truck driving as a career, you have probably heard everything from horror stories to overzealous accounts of the glamorous life of a truck driver. However, both of those extremes are not very helpful when you are looking to start a truck driving career. Being aware of the reality of the life of a truck driver will help you determine which type of truck driving job is best for you.

Local truck drivers

Local truck driving jobs are a great way to get started to see if trucking is a good fit for you. Since your destinations are local, you can expect to be home to sleep in your own bed each night. However, local trucking jobs can become repetitious over time and can lead to boredom.

Local trucking jobs also may not pay as much as other trucking jobs. Local trucking jobs are perfect for those with young families who may be hesitant to be gone for long periods of time. They also provide you with the opportunity to serve your local businesses and allow you to drive in familiar territory.

Regional truck drivers

Regional truck drivers travel for longer distances than local drivers and may only be gone a day or two between home time. One of the benefits of regional trucking jobs is you get to experience a little taste of over-the-road trucking but for short periods of time. Regional runs are often dedicated runs, which makes it easy to learn the route since you typically go to the same place each run.

Over-the-road truck drivers

Also referred to as long-haul trucking, over-the-road truck driving jobs are best for those who do not mind being away from home for several weeks at a time. One of the benefits of long-haul trucking is you get to see other parts of the country and may also receive higher pay due to the time sacrifice this type of trucking requires. It is a great fit for drivers who are single or who have a family who understands the nature of the job and will be supportive of your need to be on the road for two to three weeks before returning home.

There are many advantages to choosing truck driving as a career. There are plenty of jobs available and most of them include great pay and benefits. Choosing a truck driving job that best suits your lifestyle is the key to finding a job you love.

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