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Purchase A New Shuttle Bus For The Residents Of An Assisted Living Facility To Be Transported In

As the director of an assisted living facility, it may have come to your attention that the shuttle bus that is used to transport the residents is in need of major repairs. When deciding whether or not to invest a large amount of money into an older bus, you may have begun the prospect of looking into the purchase of a new shuttle bus for sale. With so many types of buses on the market, carefully explore your options, and choose a vehicle type that will work best for your clients' needs.

Safety Is The Most Important Aspect

One of the reasons that you may have decided to forego fixing the older bus is due to safety concerns. If the bus does not contain adequate handicap features or if the vehicle's motor has been serviced multiple times already, you may be concerned that the vehicle isn't meeting your criteria for safety. The residents of the assisted living facility probably look forward to each outing, and they shouldn't be subjected to being stuck alongside the roadway due to a mechanical malfunction.

A new bus will eliminate any worries associated with faulty vehicle parts, and you can even customize a new bus so that it contains a wheelchair lift, ramps, extra storage space, and non-skid flooring. All of these features will make loading and unloading the bus more efficient than what the residents are used to, and because there will be plenty of storage space, the passengers can make purchases or bring along items that they need while participating in an outing.

Fuel Consumption, Electrical Features, And Motor Types Should Be Explored

Explore diesel, gasoline, and electric models. Diesel buses are fairly common, but they tend to emit fumes that can be offensive to some people. A gasoline model will require regular fuel fill-ups, but you may be against purchasing a gasoline-fueled vehicle if the bus model is notorious for poor gas mileage. Choose a bus that is large enough to hold the people who will be transported and that possesses a motor that will not cause excessive fuel usage.

Another option is to purchase an electric vehicle. With this type of vehicle, you will not deal with fuel costs. The initial investment for an electric bus may be higher than for a bus that uses an alternate fuel source.

Consider the electrical features that you would like the shuttle bus to possess. Air conditioning, heat, reclining seats, electrical outlets, and interior lighting are some components that could make each road trip more comfortable for your clients.