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How To Reduce The Cost Of Renting A Car

When you're on vacation and you want to be able to get around easily, renting a car is often the best solution. However, the cost of renting can turn some people off. Renting a car does typically cost more than taking public transportation or using rideshare apps, but thankfully, there are some ways to save on this convenient service.

1. Rent from an independent company outside the airport.

Renting a car directly from the airport is definitely the most convenient option, but it's also the most costly. Airport rental companies typically charge a bit more simply because they can get it. If you're looking to save, take a bus from the airport to a nearby car rental company located just outside the airport. You'll pay a lower rate, and you may even have more cars to choose from since there will be less demand.

2. Choose the economy car option.

It might be tempting to rent a Corvette or a Mustang and cruise around town, but you'll pay a premium for these high-end cars. The most affordable option is usually the "economy" or "compact" car option. You might even be surprised -- car rental companies often oversell these options because they are the cheapest, and then when you arrive to pick up your car, they end up offering you a free upgrade.

3. Only have one person drive.

Typically, you will have to pay an insurance fee for each person who is registered to drive the rental car. So you will save money if you just designate one person to be the driver. Do not let other people drive who are not registered as a driver with the rental company. If you do this and get in a crash, it probably won't be covered under insurance, which could ultimately be very costly.

4. Refill the tank before you return.

Some car rental companies will promise that you do not need to worry about filling the tank before you return. They'll fill it for you and just bill your account! What you may not realize is that they charge a slightly higher rate for the gas than what you would pay at a gas station. Always refill the tank yourself before returning the car so you can get a better rate.

Car rentals can be expensive, but there are so many ways to save. Follow the advice above for an affordable experience with a car rental service.