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3 Questions To Ask When Renting A Limo For Your Bachelor Party

You may have already decided that you want to book a limousine for your bachelor party, and you might be ready to call and set up a rental so that everything will be arranged for your big night out on the town. Before you book a limo for your bachelor party, though, you should ask a few questions. Some of the questions that you will probably want to ask so that you can arrange for the perfect rental are listed here.

1. How Many People Will Fit?

One of the most important things that you will want to ask when booking a limo is how many passengers will fit on board. Different limos offer different seating capacities, and you'll need to make sure that there is plenty of room for everyone who is going to party with you. Many limo rental companies offer various limousines, sedans, sports utility vehicles and even buses with different seating capacities, so you should be able to find a vehicle that is going to work for your group. If you have a really big group, though, you might have to rent more than one vehicle for the evening.

2. How Do You Charge for the Rental?

You'll want to ask about how rates are determined for your limo rental. Some companies charge by the mile, while others charge by the hour. Some companies use a combination of both to come up with their rates. You'll want to know how much you'll have to pay and how this rate is determined beforehand so that you can plan for the cost of the rental.

3. What Types of Amenities Do You Offer?

You are probably hoping to rent a limo for your bachelor party so that everyone can have a great time when traveling from place to place. The amenities that are offered by the limo party bus rental service are going to make a big difference in how much fun you and your group have. For example, you may want to ask if there are going to be beverages and snacks on board for you and your attendees to make use of. Some party limo rentals have music, lights, televisions and more, so you'll want to ask about these types of amenities, too. By asking beforehand, you can make sure that you book the limo rental that is going to offer the most fun and excitement for this fun night out on the town.