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How Intermodal Trucking Can Help Your Frozen Freight

Frozen freight can be a major challenge if you don't manage the needs of your food properly. One of the best ways to do that is to use temperature-controlled intermodal trucking. This type of shipping helps make it easier to protect your food while it is shipping.

Shipping Food Can Cause Serious Damage

One of the major problems with the frozen freight industry is freight thawing while you are shipping. This type of thawing typically occurs when you are moving freight from one truck to another. For example, frozen meat can end up thawing slightly when moving it from the back of one refrigerated truck to another.

That small amount of thawing may expose the meat to various forms of bacteria. When this happens, the bacteria may stay dormant on the meat until it warms up. As a result, the meat may end up getting contaminated or spoiling more quickly. Thankfully, it is possible to avoid this danger.

The Nature Of Intermodal Trucking

Intermodal shipping is a type of shipping that involves multiple forms of transportation without handling the freight. For example, you may swap your frozen freight from a train to a refrigerated truck. Instead of moving the freight out of the refrigerated area, you would simply move the container onto the new transportation method.

This type of shipping method has become an increasingly popular and successful way of managing a variety of freight demands. Investing in a refrigerated truck is a great idea because it can help streamline the process and make it more effective.

How Temperature-Controlled Trucks Can Help

Temperature-controlled intermodal trucking is very beneficial because it provides your frozen freight with the ability to shift trucks without being removed. As a result, the risk of thawing is greatly reduced. Even better, it helps to concentrate all of your goods in a freezer that operates more efficiently and effectively.

In some instances, these kinds of trucks may not even require you to move the freight. You may just need to hook the trailer to a new truck. Intermodal trucking in this way allows you to swap parts on various trucks and trailers and create a more comprehensive and useful shipping situation.

So if you are willing to invest in this kind of shipping, you should talk to a trucking professional, such as at ddi transportation, to learn more about it. They can help set you up with the kind of truck that meets the unique needs of your particular freight.