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Using a Wedding Limo Rental? Tips on Dressing Up the Getaway Car

Weddings and limo rentals often go hand-in-hand. Right? If you're the maid of honor or the best man, you're likely in charge of decorating the getaway car. What do you need to know about dressing up the wedding limo? Take a look at these simple tips for getting creative and sending the newlywed couple off in style.

Creative Colors

Yes, you can go the old traditional tin cans toed to the bumper nose maker route. But that's been done for decades. Something with more color, and less clutter, may make more of a statement. Chances are that the couple spent plenty of time painstakingly picking out their wedding colors. Go with this and carry them theme into the getaway car. Tie crepe paper streamers to end of the car or decorate the inside with your friends' wedding colors. Along with showing them that you care about their choices, this makes for color-coordinated wedding pictures outside of the reception venue.

Balloon Bouquets

A few strategically placed helium balloons turn the limo into a party car. Add a full balloon bouquet to the bumper or tie individual "Just Married!" balloons to the back of the car. You can also fill (well, partially fill) the inside of the car with helium balloons. It can create a fun, romantic setting for the couple as they are driven away. One of the major bonuses of this option is that it isn't likely to damage the limo. Metal cans tied to the bumper can bounce back, scratch the car. Given that this is a rented limo, damaging it is an issue that no one wants to deal with—especially after such a joyous event.

Ask Ahead

Obviously, you need to consult a limo company like Met Boston Limo Service before adding any type of decoration to their cars. They may have policies when it comes to what you can or can't decorate with. For example, washable window paint gives you the chance to write "Just Married" right on the car. But the limo service may not allow you to use this type of decorative item on their car. They may prefer that you hang a sign from the trunk or use another method that won't leave behind colorful traces.

Decorating the rented limo for the bride and groom is a long-held wedding tradition. Whether you add streamers, balloons or tie a sign behind the car, the happy couple will appreciate your artful efforts.