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3 Tips For Making Your Tour's Authentic Reproduction Stagecoach Safe For Passengers

If you use an authentic stagecoach for your history tours, you want to make sure it is safe for your passengers. However, traditional stagecoaches were not known for their safety features. Below are three tips for making your tour's reproduction stagecoach safe for passengers while maintaining most of its authentic appearance.

Install Folding Steps and Handles for Easy Loading and Unloading

When you have an old-style stagecoach, the climb from the ground up to the carriage is most likely very steep. If some of your passengers are children or short adults, this could make loading and unloading the stagecoach not only more difficult but also dangerous if someone were to slip and fall.

To rectify this situation, install folding steps that can be lowered when people are getting off and on the coach. For an added safety feature, install handles on the sides of the doors they can use to stabilize themselves as they use the steps. To maintain an authentic look, use brass or iron handles that match the rest of the stagecoach's design.

Cover the Side Windows With Glass to Prevent Falls

When stagecoaches were used in the past, they usually did not have windows on the sides. Glass was not only expensive, but the builders knew that they were more prone to breakage when used on dusty, rocky roads.

Today, however, the open windows could prove to be a safety risk. If someone's child decided to reach out of the window, they could fall out. To keep them from doing this, cover the windows with glass. Your passengers will still be able to see the landmarks without the risk of having someone fall out.

Provide Lap Seat Belts for Safety

If part of your tour involves taking the stagecoach on main roads, you may be required by law to have seat belts installed, depending on the area in which you operate your tours. However, even if you are not legally bound to do this, it would be a good idea to avoid possible liability in the case of an accident.

Because your stagecoach will be drawn by horses, the animals may be unpredictable no matter how well trained they are. If they were to bolt or stop suddenly, one of your passengers could slide out of the seat and hurt themselves. To keep this from happening, you should at least provide lap seat belts to ensure their safety.

Making the above changes can help make your tour's stagecoach safe while still maintaining the authentic look of the era. For more information on making safety modifications for your authentic reproduction stagecoach, contact companies like Arizona Stagecoach Manufacturing Co. to see if they have any further advice or recommendations.