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Hailing A Cab Without Frustrating Yourself In The Process

If you just started working in a busy part of a city, and you decided to use taxicabs as a mode of transportation to get around during the workday, it is likely you will want to snag a ride as soon as you possibly can when one is needed. Knowing how to maximize your chances in getting a ride will be beneficial in saving you time you could be using for other activities. Here are some tips you can use to hail a cab in a busy area so you are not left waiting with a crowd for long amounts of time.

Walk To A Less Congested Area

If you come out of your workplace and notice an abundance of people standing at the curbside, it is a good idea to walk away from them instead of joining them. A large crowd will indeed attract attention, however, it will take several cabs to handle the bulk of the crowd, perhaps leaving you waiting for longer than you would wish. Walk to the opposite side of the road or take a stroll a block or so away from the congestion so you are easily seen when you gesture to a cab driver that you would like a ride.

Wait Until Different Times Of The Day

Trying to hail a cab during standard lunch time or quitting time is bound to be frustrating. Instead, think about taking a brunch hour rather than waiting until midday. A late afternoon snack hour is another alternative. Staying at work late is an option to ensure you are able to get a ride without difficulty as well. If you must punch a time clock and leave the premises, use the time to catch up on a chapter of a book from a park bench until the crowd waiting for a ride disperses a bit.

Bring Along Something To Draw Attention

Carrying a bright handkerchief in your briefcase or purse is a great way to grasp the attention of cab drivers when a ride is needed. Simply grab the piece of material and place it on your head, hold it by the corners so it is positioned right under your face, or wave it around so it is easy to spot by those driving past. Another idea is to keep a colorful umbrella on hand. Open it up and spin it in front of you while holding up your hand to hail a cab like Union Taxi.