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3 Questions To Ask About Hot Shot Service

If you have time-sensitive packages that need to be delivered right away, a company that offers hot shot service can do the job. However, if you aren't used to using a hot shot service, you may not know what questions to ask to ensure that you are satisfied. Here are some questions to ask a company offering hot shot service before hiring them to deliver your rush packages.

What Kind of Lead Time Do You Need?

Many people assume that because a hot shot service handles rush deliveries, they can have their packages picked up immediately. That is not always the case, depending on the hot shot service you contact. Many hauling companies that offer hot shot service also have regularly scheduled deliveries that need to be made and don't have drivers standing by waiting for someone who needs a hot shot delivery. Confirm that the company you are talking to can get the job done when you need it.

What Are Your Weight Requirements?

You may assume that a hot shot service will be able to transport an entire shipment for you, but some companies only dedicate certain pieces of hauling equipment to their hot shot service. Hot shot vehicles may be limited in number, and there may only be a certain type of vehicle, such as a flat-bed truck. That's why you have to be sure that the vehicles used can carry the weight of your particular shipment. You need to be sure that the company can transport all of your packages quickly, instead of causing you to have to break up the shipment or have delays.

How Can I Track My Shipment?

Because you need to have a delivery done right away, it is natural that you may want to track the shipment along the way. Different companies have different techniques available to handle this. You may be able to call the operator of the vehicle directly, or there may be tracking software that will help you to know where your shipment is. Before hiring a company with hot shot service, be sure to find out how tracking is done and how you will be notified that your packages have arrived.

With the information above, you can make better decisions when you need hot shot service. Make sure to talk to a number of hauling companies in your local area to get an idea of which company can deliver hot shot service when you need it.