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Cab-Hailing Tips For Introverts

Hopping in a cab is a great way to get around the city, whether you want to avoid paying for parking in your own city or are on the road for business or pleasure. Riding in the taxi is the easy part -- the main task is getting the driver's attention and having him stop, especially if you're an introvert who doesn't enjoy being the centre of attention.

Be bold, our introverted friend, and you'll soon find yourself riding smoothly to your destination:

Position Yourself Correctly

If you want to successfully hail a cab, you'll need to be where the action is. That means getting yourself to a high-traffic -- both for vehicles and pedestrians -- area of the city. Try to hail a cab from a side street and you might find yourself gathering dust.

Make a quick calculation to determine the direction you want to travel, and then get to the correct side of the road. It's easier to catch a driver's attention when he's in the lane next to where you stand.

Get Out There

You want me to what?! Yep, that's right, you can't be timid if you want to hail a cab, especially if you're in a big city with plenty of traffic. A subtle arm wave won't do you any good, so take a deep breath, think courageous thoughts and expect to be noticed. Take one step away from the curb and throw your arm in the air as you see a taxi approaching.

Do your best to achieve eye contact with the driver -- otherwise, passing motorists might just think you're doing a little interpretive dancing. If you're an introvert, you're probably worrying about others seeing you. But the reality is that, in a large city, people are hailing cabs all the time and you'll blend into the background. No worries.

Be Quick

When the cab screeches to a halt near you, you've done your job. But don't stand there frozen. Scramble over to the vehicle, hop into the back seat and give your destination to the driver. Don't lean in the open passenger side window and ask if he can drive you somewhere. In all likelihood, he stopped because he's ready to do so, and you asking a question will only delay the journey.

You can give your desired destination in a number of ways, depending on how well you know the city. Options include the specific street address, the nearest major intersection or the name of the business or hotel. Go for it! We know you can do it. To learn more, contact a company like Air Cab Ltd.